Used 2021 Nautique Super Air G25

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Location: San Diego, CA
Manufacturer: Nautique
Year: 2021
Status: Available
ID: 1236

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  • 2021 Nautique Super Air G25 Description

    2021 Nautique Super Air G25

    138 hours


    The Super Air Nautique G25 leaves nothing to be desired. Packed with the latest innovations and delivering world-class surf waves and wakeboard wakes, this flagship will keep everyone happy that you bring onboard. At 25-feet, the G25 has all the passenger space you’d ever need, but also boasts an enormous amount of storage space. With an interior that can be transformed from a social area to a spectator-style configuration, the G25 delivers you with the ultimate on-water experience all summer long. Step aboard and start making lifelong memories.


    • Relax And Spend Time With Friends And Family: Hang out in the new rear-facing transom seats aboard the Super Air Nautique G25. These comfortable seats allow you to relax and spend time with friends and family as they enjoy the large swim platform area while the boat is stationary.
    • Coverage From The Sun On Those Hot Summer Days: The bimini top on the G25 model offers great coverage from the sun on those hot summer days, and the surf pockets also provide the perfect place to store your wakesurfers up and out of the way.
    • Deploy Or Stow Your Tower At The Touch Of A Button: Deploy or stow your tower at the touch of a button with the optional Actuated Flight Control Tower on the Super Air Nautique G25. With the ability to be operated by just one person and with the bimini still connected, this design makes it extremely convenient for anyone who needs to fold down the tower to go under a bridge or pull into a boathouse.
    • Transom Stereo Remote: Found near the rear platform swimming area on the Super Air Nautique G25, the transom stereo remote is perfect to adjust your music while you're hanging out and swimming or spending time in the rear transom seats.
    • Phender Pro: Forget the hassle of tying your fenders to each cleat in preparation for docking your G25 with the optional Phender Pro System. This provides six quick-connect fender attachment points for convenient protection from docks, pylons or other boats.
    • Awareness Camera: The Nautique Awareness Camera on the G25 provides the driver a view of all the action behind the boat. There are multiple options for when the camera feed is displayed on the LINC Panoray, and you can allow for the Awareness Camera to act as a backup camera, a view of the action or a monitor for when you’re circling back to fallen riders.
    • Strapless Board Racks: The Nautique Strapless Board Racks have an over-molded design that provides great protection for your wakeboards and wakesurfers. These racks swivel in, are easy to use and secure your boards laterally so they're safe and out of the way.
    • Windshield: The windshield on the Super Air Nautique G25 includes a frameless design that gives the boat a modern and sleek look that perfectly incorporates into the exterior. It has adjustable vents for airflow and the design allows for great visibility when driving and truly adds to the overall aesthetic of the G25.


    • Quickly Breeze Through Menus And Settings: Conveniently located on the armrest directly above the throttle, the Helm Command rotary dial on the G25 allows you to quickly breeze through menus and settings on the LINC Panoray Touchscreen while sitting comfortably in a driving position.
    • Intuitive Interface And Custom Configurations: A 12.4" display for you to view information and control the settings of your G25, the LINC Panoray touchscreen is a marvel of innovation. With an intuitive interface and custom configurations, the LINC Panoray delivers the best driving experience possible so you can relax and enjoy your time on the water.
    • Unmatched Comfort And Support While Behind The Wheel: Utilize the versatile helm seat of the Super Air Nautique G25 to provide you with unmatched comfort and support while behind the wheel or chatting with friends. Whether you're driving down the lake or relaxing at the dock, you'll be able to utilize this seat in several different ways making it versatile as well as comfortable.
    • Jl Audio® Stereo: The Super Air Nautique G25 comes standard with the complete JL Audio® M6 Series Elite stereo package with DSP technology. This includes the JL Audio MM100s head unit, 6 speakers throughout the boat, a 12” JL subwoofer and an 8-channel JL amplifier. Bump up to our M6 Series Studio Elite package which gives you an additional 12” subwoofer, the JL Audio Wavefront™ and a JL Audio Monoblock Amplifier. This Studio Elite sound package also features increased zone control to configure crisp sound throughout your boat at exactly the volume you and your passengers prefer.
    • Reversible Stern Seat: Convert your lounge into the best seat in the house with the reversible stern seat. Quickly slide it out and flip it up so you can comfortably watch all of the action behind the Super Air Nautique G25.
    • Wireless Charging: Compatible with most Qi-enabled devices, you can now charge your phone wirelessly right at the helm of the G25 with our wireless charging station. This wireless charging pad is equipped with SeaDek non-skid and an outside edge to prevent your phone from sliding.
    • G25 Lounge: With enough room for all of your friends and family, the lounge inside the Super Air Nautique G25 has expansive space and is extremely versatile. Spend time in the U-shaped lounge when hanging out and being social, then utilize the flip-up passenger and reversible stern seats when the action starts behind the boat. Either way, the G25 has the perfect configuration for whatever on-water activity you choose.
    • G25 Dashboard: The dashboard of the G25 was created with an asymmetrical design that allows for great visibility of the water and all of your settings and instruments displayed on the LINC Panoray. Open storage keeps everything within reach, and a phone pocket for when you're out on the water also doubles as a drain plug holder when you're not.


    • Outperform The Rest And Stay True To The G-series Lineage: The hull of the Super Air Nautique G25 was created with a performance-first mentality. This hull shape has the ability to deliver wakesurf waves that are completely customizable so everyone is happy, and the wakeboard wakes are perfectly shaped for beginners all the way up through expert riders. The integration of the Nautique Configurable Running Surface® (NCRS) and the Nautique Surf System (NSS) right into the design of the hull allows this legendary model to outperform the rest and stay true to the G-Series lineage.
    • For Even More Power: The Super Air Nautique G25 comes equipped with the PCM® direct-injection 6.2L PCM ZZ6. For even more power, the G25 has two other engine options: the all-new 7.4L PCM ZR7 that generates 475 horsepower or the Supercharged PCM XR7 that delivers 550 horsepower.
    • Nautique Surf System (nss) With Waveplate® Technology: The Super Air Nautique G25 comes equipped with the Nautique Surf System (NSS) with WAVEPLATE® technology seamlessly integrated into the hull. The WAVEPLATE extends outward and down from the transom to redirect the flow of water forming the perfect wave on either side of the boat. The NSS allows surfers to switch sides instantly without the need to change up ballast or shift people in the boat, and it also incorporates variable settings that can adjust the steepness and shape of your wave.
    • Surf Switch: A handheld controller that connects to your wrist while surfing, the Nautique Surf Switch puts you in command so you can easily time your transfers without signaling the driver. Only available with boats equipped with Nautique Surf Select, you can change the side of the boat the wave is on utilizing the Nautique Surf Switch.
    • Garmin® Watch Integration: The Nautique Garmin app was created to allow you to remotely control the 2020 G25 while you surf or wakeboard. Change your boat’s speed, music volume, NCRS, and NSS settings, quickly use ballast shift or change the wave side and transfer on the fly. This app works with any Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 5S Plus or Fenix 5X Plus watch.
    • Surf Pipe: Enjoy the experience of surfing behind the G25 with the Surf Pipe that is mounted to the transom of every boat. The Surf Pipe sends the exhaust into the propeller stream behind the boat to guide it from disturbing the surfer.
    • Integrated Steering Assist: The Integrated Steering Assist option, a thruster at the stern of the G25, provides better maneuverability. Whether you are docking in tight quarters or simply want more control on the open lake, the steering assist feature allows you to quickly move the transom of the boat to the left or right and greatly improves the driving experience.
    • Nautique Configurable Running Surface®: The Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS) has been developed so that the G25 will perform impeccably at any speed and for any activity you're participating in. As an extension of the hull, the NCRS deploys and stows automatically based on user-setting conditions. The NCRS allows the wake and wave shape to be customizable, it aids in getting up on plane and automatically optimizes the running attitude of the boat so it's ideal for the situation and gives the driver great visibility.


    • Length Overall: 25 ft. (7.62 m)
    • Length With Platform: 27 ft. 3 in. (8.31 m)
    • Lift Ring Spacing: 23 ft. 6.31 in. (7.17 m)
    • Beam: 102 in. (2.59 m)
    • Draft: 25 in. (.64 m)
    • Approx Dry Weight: 6400 lb. (2903 kg.)
    • Fuel Capacity: 83 gal (314.2 L)
    • Maximum Capacity: 19 people (2800 lb. / 1270 kg.)
    • Max Factory Ballast: 2850 lb. (1293 kg.)
    • Horsepower: ZZ6 - 450 HP / ZR7 - 475 HP / XS7/XR7 - 550 HP
    • Torque: 465 Ft-Lb / 575 Ft-Lb
    • Gear Reduction Ratio: 2.0:1

  • Product Specifications

    • Manufacturer:Nautique
    • Year:2021
    • Status:Available
    • ID:1236
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