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Malibu boats has dedicated over 40 years to achieving the perfect harmony of practicality and performance to deliver exceptional wake surf boats in San Diego, CA, and beyond. With its utilization of the latest technology, the brand has integrated fuel efficiency and noise control into the construction of its boats. Therefore, you can reach new and uncharted areas without bringing unwanted attention to your boat due to its noisy demeanor. As a reliable Malibu boat dealer, we at M2O Marine offer both new and used watercrafts that meet the unique needs of the San Diego, CA boating community, no matter what you’re looking for.

Next Gen Malibu Wake Surf Boats

Here at M2O Marine, our new line of Malibu wake surf boats in San Diego, CA have quality motors that provide exceptional performance. These engines are designed by industry leaders, including GM, Roush, Davinci, and many more. This partnership combines specialized knowledge to produce engines that perform incredibly, providing fun and memorable water activities in San Diego, CA. Our new wake surf boats include models such as the 22 and 23 LSV and the 24 MXV, all of which are equipped with amenities like quality speakers, grab handles, and armrests that are perfectly suited for social outings in San Diego, CA.

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Malibu Boat Dealers that Prioritize Your Needs

We understand that often our San Diego, CA boaters can often feel uncertain about the condition of the used wake surf boats they purchase. Their concerns primarily focus on potential hidden problems that might emerge post purchase, such as engine issues or hull damage. However, with years of experience as Malibu boat dealers in San Diego, CA, our credibility is built on the fact that we thoroughly test each of our preowned wake surf boats and carry out all the necessary maintenance and repairs needed before putting any product on our sales floor. This ensures all our preowned options remain in excellent shape, delivering remarkable performance to our valued customers in San Diego, CA.

Malibu Wake Surf Boats Created with Unparalleled Quality

Malibu boats developed the Fiberglass Engine Chassis System (FibECS) in place of wooden stringers to offer your boat quality strength and stability no matter where you’re heading on the San Diego, CA waters. This is turn has resulted in no structural defects in the engine chassis system, ensuring a high performing ride you can rely on. Alongside top brands such as Nautique, you can feel confident that your new or used Malibu watercraft is sure to bring you the experience of a lifetime.

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Your search for a reputable boat brand has ended thanks to M2O Marine. We’re proud to provide a selection of top boat brands that are certain to turn heads out on the San Diego, CA waters. However, our expertise does not end with the sale of our watercrafts. Our team of professionals offers exceptional boat repair and maintenance services you can rely on. Whether you require a minor adjustment or a complete overhaul, our boat technicians have you covered. Contact our team today to explore the endless possibilities in San Diego, CA.

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