Top 5 Reasons Why Yamaha is the Perfect Starter Boat

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Your first starter boat is one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It will be the vessel that takes you from a newcomer to the waters to a seasoned veteran. When it comes to choosing the right starter boat, navigating speed boat brands can be just as difficult as navigating the waters for the first time.

Your first boat should be relatively inexpensive while you’re still learning the ropes; it should be easy to navigate and versatile enough for a wide range of activities and conditions. Industry trusted and renowned Yamaha boats encompass all of these qualifications and a little bit more. Here are the top 5 reasons why a Yamaha is the perfect starter boat.

1. Easy to Navigate

When dipping your toes into the expansive world of boating, many first-timers take to more shallow areas for their first few drives. While practicing in shallower areas is the safest way to go, it can present challenges for less-sophisticated boats.

Luckily, Yamaha’s internal propulsion system offers the highest level of freedom achievable on the water. The system allows water to be pulled through internally housed propellers and pushed out through marine engines with high thrust points. This technology gives boaters the freedom to ditch an exposed drivetrain, allowing Yamaha boats to plane quicker with less bow rise. The resulting minimal draft from this system makes navigating shallow areas easy and safe for anyone from newcomers to veterans.

2. Control System

While the mechanical functionality of your first speedboat should be your top priority, having some cool gadgets on your ride is always fun too! Yamaha’s Connext technology offers an exclusive all in one touchscreen helm control system that integrates each boat’s various entertainment features and operation functions into one unified, easy-to-use interface.

With an intuitive icon-driven interface, a high-resolution glare-proof display, and the ability to switch screens and control functions with the LCD touchscreen or joystick control, the Connext completely optimizes your boating experience.

Yamaha’s E-Series™ boats feature Connext 2.0 in which drivers can program individual driver profiles that automatically set target speed, acceleration, and ballast settings to give boaters a personalized experience.

3. Responsive Handling

Handling a boat for the first time is no easy undertaking, but with Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling Package, YOU are in total control of the driving experience. This package of integrative Yamaha technologies includes No Wake Mode which sets optimum engine speeds in no-wake zones, the Thrust Directional Enhancer which directs water thrusts to optimal angels for slow-speed handling, and lastly patented Articulating Keel for directional stability while docking or maneuvering the waters.

Combined, these features offer the most customizable and responsive handling on the market so first-time drivers are in complete control of their speedboat.

4. A Reliable Speedboat

If you’re looking for reliability when it comes to your first speedboat, look no further. Yamaha marine engines have a renowned reputation for reliability. Recognized for their dependability, power, and fuel efficiency Yamaha’s engines have consistently received the Engine Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Yamaha’s 4-stroke engines have all earned an ultra-low emissions rating so you can have peace of mind on the water that your drive is both safe and eco-friendly.

5. Cost-Efficient

Speedboats can range anywhere from $20,000 to a few million depending on the type of boat you’re looking to invest in. Factors such as an inboard vs outboard engine, cabin space, maintenance, and storage should all be taken into consideration when selecting the best speedboat for you. Yamaha speed boats are very cost-efficient in terms of retail price and maintenance. Because Yamaha boats are durable and offer efficient fuel economy making routine maintenance and fuel very manageable expenses.

The approximate price range for most 19ft Yamahas runs from $26,000 to $33,000 depending on the make, model and features making a highly affordable starter boat.

Take the Plunge into the Water

Selecting a speedboat that is safe, easy to handle and affordable can be the deciding factor in earning your sea legs. Yamaha speed boats fit all of these qualifications and more for first-time boat owners. If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in your first starter boat, it’s important to work with a reliable speedboat dealership.

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