Nautique vs. Malibu: Who Has the Edge in Performance?

Wakeboard boat towing a wakeboarder in the ocean water.

When it comes to jetboats, Nautique and Malibu are among the most popular. Many like these two brands for sporting, such as wakesurfing or wakeboarding. Wakesurfing is a sport where a rider trails behind a boat, using a special board to ride the boat’s wake, and in wakeboarding, the rider holds a rope and is towed.

Nautique Jetboats

Nautique is liked by many for several reasons. As compared to the Malibu, the Nautique has a larger engine and comes with a supercharger. This means that it will consume more fuel as compared to a smaller engine that is at the same RPM level. The goal is to have an optimal ratio of power to fuel the economy.

Nautique G23 Paragon: Nautique has several models of jetboats. The Nautique G23 Paragon is a popular selling model that many use for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. This jetboat was designed with performance in mind, while also focusing on style with many amenities. It features a new hull to improve wakesurf and wakeboard performance, that can be customized based on preference. As far as the engine goes, its Supercharged XR7 delivers 550 horsepower, which is more than any other Nautique boat line offers.

The technology in this jetboat is also quite impressive. As far as handling, this jetboat features a Surf Select system that allows the rider to have wake control. The rider pushes a button on the fob and the surfing wake changes from one side to the other. The driver can still control the boat as well, of course, and also has touch-screen control over the wake settings and speed. Nautique delivers on its promise for a jetboat that will give a great day on the water.

Malibu Jetboats

Malibu is another line that is designed to perform. In comparison to the Nautique, Malibu is slightly more focused on fuel economy and sound reduction. The new line of Malibu Monsoon engines, M5Di, M6Di, and LT4 do just that. Malibu brought their engine production in-house to be able to work with industry leaders at GM, Marine, Roush, Davinci, and McLaren Engineering.

Malibu 24MXZ: The new Malibu 24MXZ is built with maximum performance in mind. The advancements in engineering and design are seen by the wave quality the boat produces. The Monsoon M6Di is one of the newest engine types that The Malibu 24MXZ is a slighter longer than the Nautique G23, at 24.5 ft.

The wakesurf wave on this jetboat is impressive. With the Wedge at 1, and going 112 MPH, the volume of the wave is incredible. The Power Wedge allows for a customizable surfing experience. The Malibu’s new bow thruster makes it easier to drive, especially in smaller spaces.

This boat is also outfitted with speakers, grab handles, armrests, and cup holders for the ultimate social outing.

Both of these jetboats provide amazing performance. Not sure which one to buy? Check them both out at your local jetboat dealership.

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