Choosing the Right Boat for You: A Buying Guide To Find the Best Axis or Yamaha Boat for Beginners

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If you are looking for adventure out on the water, then a boat may be right for you. Once you commit to that venture, it then becomes a question of which one would suit you best; for example, you may wonder what the best Yamaha boat for beginners is. At M2o Marine, there is a selection of different boats brands to choose from: Axis, Malibu, Nautique, and Yamaha. We each carry desirable features and benefits. Some of these may matter more to you, which could help as you try to decide which one to get.


Axis offers wakeboarding boats and else that contain the Malibu Monsoon Engine. This is built toward the front area of the boat so that it is more accessible if one ever needs to make adjustments to it. One new model provided by Axis is the A20, which is good for wakesurfing.

Those who are less experienced will be glad to know that it is not so difficult to dock, garage, or trailer this boat. Though compact, it has enough room for up to eleven adults. Plus, there is enough storage space for gear. Priced at $71,995, this brand may be worth considering.


Whichever boat is right for you may greatly depend on the factors that seem most important to you. For those who are looking for sound reduction and fuel economy, the Malibu leans a bit more toward those areas than other boat brands, like Nautique. For peak Malibu boat performance, you might want to try the Malibu 24MXZ.

When it comes to wakesurfing with this boat, the wave volume is large when going at 112 MPH with the customizable Power Wedge at 1. The bow thruster also makes it easier to drive the boat, thus providing anyone aboard with a smooth experience.


Nautique boats are a bit shorter than Malibu’s, but they have larger engines. If you care more about the fuel’s optimal ratio of power, then this is the boat for you, as it would have the same RPM levels as a Malibu but with a bigger engine.

Those who love wakesurfing and wakeboarding would likely enjoy the Nautique G23 Paragon model. Its Supercharged XR7 provides horsepower of 550, the highest number for any Nautique boat model. If you want to customize the size of the wake, then you are in luck: the Nautique has a Surf Select system via a touchscreen.


If you don’t have much experience with boats in the past, then a Yamaha boat for beginners might be a wise choice. You can rest assured knowing that this boat got the National Marine Manufacturing Organization’s Engine Innovation Award. Beginners generally prefer shallower areas, and Yamaha, compared to the other aforementioned boats, is right for that job. Its propulsion system allows it to plane faster with more boat rise. With minimal draft, it is easy to navigate through shallow waters.

The Yamaha Context tech within the boat includes a touchscreen that makes it easy to control. It is also easier for beginners to control via the Advanced Responsive Handling Package, complete with an Articulating Keel, a No Wake Mode, and a Thrust Directional Enhancer. Lastly, if pricing is one of the more important factors for you, then you should know that Yamaha boats are cost-efficient, ranging from $26,000 to $33,000.

Time to Select

As one can tell, there is a good variety of wakeboarding boats and other boat selections from which to choose. With all of these different factors taken into account, you may now have a better idea of which to acquire for adventures on the aquatic frontier.

All of these brands are credible, and the positives that matter most to you will drive the decision of which boat to purchase. Contact one of the experts at M2o Marine for help finding the perfect boat for your needs.

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